2 assignments (fundamentals of speech)

“(1) What You See Isn’t Always What You Get!
Did you know that your clothing and personal grooming communicate a message about you? Today more than ever, people use clothing choices, body art, and other personal grooming to communicate who they are and what they stand for. Likewise, when you meet someone, you are likely to form an impression of them from how they are dressed and groomed.
Read Chapter 5 of your text. 
Write a paragraph of ten to 12 sentences in which you tell about a time that you judged someone or a time in which you were judged by what you were wearing. Type your paragraph in Microsoft Word and submit
(2)Listening and Responding
When a situation calls for us to try to understand how someone else is feeling about what they have experienced or are talking about, we use emphatic listening. When our goal is to be a sounding board or help a friend sort through feelings, you will want to begin with empathetic listening.
Assignment: Write a paragraph describing a time when you effectively empathized with another person. What was the person’s emotional state? How did you recognize it? What were the nonverbal cues? Verbal cues? What type of relationship did you have with this person? How similar were the two of you? What type of empathizing did you use?

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