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Netflix Analysis Assignment Help- SWOT Analysis

Introduction Netflix Inc. Overview Netflix is a US company that offers subscription platforms for TV shows and films. Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings founded Netflix in 1997. It is also the world’s pioneer legal streaming following the release of thousands of movies and episodes. Netflix […]

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Response to John Lewis’s essay

Reading John Lewis’s essay brought along a new and revitalized view of the United States. As an Asian who is migrating to the United States for almost 12 years, it was easy to perceive the United States as an opportunity called “the American Dream.” In […]

Benefits of pursuing freediving

Benefits of pursuing freediving People around the world pursue freediving for several reasons. For some individuals, it is a way of seeking food for their families or societies; for adventurers, it is a way of expending skills and a way of excitement. At the same […]