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“Be prepared to constructively engage in conflicting perspectives with peers and prof, as appropriate. Remember to cite at least two scholarly sources in your responses to peers initial posts. At the end of the week (Monday), be sure to let us know what you learned about your conflict management style. Were the assessments accurate? Why or why not? 
David’s post:
I watched the videoDare to Disagree and realized that these times in my life where I challenged authority or had the courage to speak up were good qualities (Heffernan, 2012). Sometimes disagreement can be petty and adversarial and other times, maybe we should call it productive disagreement. I also took the assertiveness questionnaire. I had my highest score, a 12, on harmonious assertiveness. Surprisingly, my next highest score was manipulation with a 9. I feel like I am one that disagrees productively, but I never considered myself as manipulative.
The task of posting a statement I believe to be true is one that I want to be careful choosing. I would rather avoid political discussions. I need to pick one that could be disagreeable, not something likethe sky is blue. Here is my statement I believe is true:
Diversity is important for groups to achieve their objectives, particularly gender diversity.
Heffernan, M. (2012, June). Dare to disagree (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/margaret_heffernan_dare_to_disagree?la
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Brittany’s Post:
After watching theDare to Disagree and taking the conflict management assessment I confirmed that I am a passive person. My results from the assessment are 13 points passive attitude (flight), harmonious assertiveness 5, manipulation 4, aggressive attitude (attitude) 3. Some conflicts are productive, and some conflicts are unproductive.
A statement that I perceive to be true is; “”Raising the minimum wage is doing more harm than good””. 
Heffernan, M. (2012, June). Dare to disagree Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/margaret_heffernan_dare_to_disagree?la
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My post:
Very few people would like to engage in the conflict because most people fear of managing the conflicts. In most cases, you find employees dying in the silence while they have concerns but fear what would be consequences of raising. However, it is when such employees raise their concerns, an opportunity is created for them to discuss and creatively come up with the solutions that are bound not only to assist them but also propel an organization to next level.
 Hefferman makes several statements that I perceive to be very true. First, she argues that the biggest catastrophe that we have witnessed comes from the information that is hidden or secret. However, we are willfully blind because we are not ready to handle the conflict that it such information provokes. Further, if we are ready to break the silence and create conflict, we create atmosphere that promotes thinking from which we are capable of identifying problems from hidden information from which we are capable of developing solutions (Heffernan, 2012). It is important for people for the people to stop fearing to create conflict because it is until we disagree then room for agreement can be created. It is from disagreement people get to understand each other better, an opportunity is created for evaluating the systems, identifying what works and what does not work and finally, creatively we are capable of developing the solutions.
In the event when one is at the position of the leadership, must be prepared to solve conflicts. In view of this,  one must learn how to manage conflicts when they arise and comfortably ensure that conflicting parties are satisfied with solutions that are developed. Excellent communication is one of the skills that is very important in the conflict (Gossman, Ellis, & Toney-Butler, 2019). A leader must create a platform and encourage conflicting sides to air out issues that cause them to disagree which would help in developing the lasting solution. Therefore, a solution should be sought from the point of the disagreement. In nutshell, we have to disagree in order to agree.
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Qiana’s post:
According to our textbok readings virtual teams work differently because they are seperated by their locations, and organizational boundaries, and they are able to interact with each other by using technology. (Coget & Losh, 2018). We live in a ever changing world of technology, and their are new advances daily from medications to the workplace. Digital communication keep vitual teams in constant connection with another. There are many digital outlets to use today in our society, such as social networks. Differences within environmental context cause misunderstandings between team members and important elements will be overlooked and they will and effect n the performance of the team. (Coget & Losh, 2018). 
In reference to the the movie The 33, the men were stuck underground with no communication except to each other. The men had absence of communication to the outside world and had to rely on each other as team. Conflict did rise when it came to food rationing and the idea that they may be left in the mine for dead. When technology arrived they were able to communicate to the outside world and then food and clothing arrived. (Calderon & Riggen, 2015). Throughout their time they had to act as a team and work together to get through the crisis to reach a goal of getting out the mine. Digital media is changing the world today through research and how people communicate with people. Social norms have changed over the years to reflect digital communicaions  and the dynamcs that go along with it. ( Adams, P. 2019). 
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Brian’s post:
Isnt this an exciting time for this discussion. Many of us are working from home, not something Im used too! The virtual team is a term I have become much more accustomed to lately. Traditionally, my team would meet every morning during the workweek at 6:30 am to get our assignments or update management on the tasks that were not finished previously or receive a new project. However, since our governors stay at home order went into effect ten days ago, all of our meetings are done virtually. We use our laptops, connect through a VPN, and update management on our progress while working from home. All of my team is teleworking, saying it is odd is an understatement.Virtual teams are separated by time, geography, and/or organizational boundaries, and they interact primarily through technology (Coget & Losh, 2018). Now we are separated by a virus and connected through technology. Where would we be today without the internet during this pandemic? The company I work for has mostly shut down any access to the office, thats almost 1900 employees working at home. Some still report to an office but have too.
Communication and the internet have defiantly improved the way we communicate as a team in the workplace. Instead of assigning assignments face-to-face, assignments are now assigned through email, text, or special software. We are minimizing the miscommunication of the tasks. However, I will say that the meetings do not feel or seem as productive or informative. The quality isnt the best, and sometimes everyone is trying to talk at the same time. But, it is better than nothing, we could be out of work.
Coget, J., and Losh, S. (2018). Group behavior in organizations (2nd ed.). [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/ (Links to an external site.)
Example responses:
Thank you for your post.
Your opening couple of sentences said it all. That is now a factor of modern life.
Here is something to consider.
Once we emerge out the other side of this pandemic, do you think that more people (than before) are likely to be working from home?
This is something I have been doing for a long time. I joke (well, semi joke) that an advantage is that my office is a few steps from my bedroom.
But, a disadvantage is that my office is a few steps from my bedroom….
Hi Brian,
I enjoyed reading your discussion post.  The virtal team is nt something i am familiar with at all. I was not orking for a couple of days and we communicated via a internet based dashboard. Communication and technology is a must and they go hand in hand. Virtual teams depend on technology based interaction and they rely on IT networks.(Coget & Losh, 2018). 
Technology has an effect on our daily lived and in many ways we are reliant upon it. Communication and information technology continue to develop nd increase at a great rate. Computers nd other information technology effect all parts of our daily lives from watching the news to buying and selling of goods. (Shahnoza, & Dilafruz, 2109). 
We are seperated from interaction with th outside world to a point and technology is being used for a great deal of people at work as well as interact with family and friends. Virtual teams are being used now more than ever before while we deal with this pandemic. Leadership that is shared has been found to be effective within teams globally. Members can collaborate through technologies over cultural boundaries. (Nordbäck, E & Espinosa, A.,2019).
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