A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) can provide a listing agent and a seller with what information?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) can provide a listing agent and a seller with what information?
What can a CMA not do? Why?
CMA is defined as the way of providing an estimate of a property in an agreeable accuracy that can be acceptable if introduced as the market price of the said property. In this paper, I will expound on what information does CMA provide and what CMA can or not do
One of the information that CMA provides to either agent or seller of a property is the similarity and the differences between the property and a similar one which had been sold and the latter had similar features (Frederik Ahlemann et al.). This information helps the seller to determine the worthiness of the property before introducing it to the market. One factor that has to be in consideration is the location as the property ought to be in a neighborhood that has a property that sold recently which had almost 100% similarity index (Frederik Ahlemann et al.). The use of the CMA helps the seller or the agent from pricing the property too high or too low and thus ensuring that the property sells as quickly as possible since buyers would as have their CMAs conducted so as to ascertain whether the listed price is fair.
There are, however, things that CMA cannot do. Some of this are that CMA cannot provide the actual value of the property for the strategy employed is of comparing the price of a property which has been sold to the price of the property in question (Diblasi). The reason why real value can’t be reached is because
Through the use of CMA, it has been concluded that before any attempt of pricing any property it is good to conduct a comparative analysis of the similar properties which have sold recently for a period not more than three months for a precise analysis. The strategy helps in making sure that the property price is in line with the current market prices.
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