Review the following scenario and answer the questions below:

You and Sara are close friends. In confidence, she tells you that her sister has recently been diagnosed with Depression. She also tells you that her aunt and grandmother both sufferer from “mood swings” in a big way. Sara said that her sisters’ doctor told her depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and said that it sounds scary. Sara is worried that she may be at risk for depression too or something worse She confides that she is having trouble sleeping, recently gained weight, feels sad a good bit of the time and is just not having much fun. But sometimes she feels surges of energy, productivity and simply does not sleep. Sara knows that you are a psychology major taking a class in abnormal psychology. Sara asks you to tell her what you know about depression and other disorders that could be associated with mood swings. She also asks you to explain how psychologists make a diagnosis. She wants to know what tools psychologists have and how they use them.

A. Write what you would say to Sara explaining the criteria and treatment of depression and other mood disorders. Share with Sara your thoughts about what you believe may be the possible origins/causes.
B. Explain to Sara how a diagnosis is made by a psychologist. What tools do they have and use?
C. Do you think Sara is at risk for depression? Bipolar Disorder? Why or Why not.
Briefly speculate any other possibilities for Sara. Support your ideas.