Accounting Systems and Analytics ACCT

This assignment assesses your understanding of the course content of Week 1 to 5.
Accounting information system is a set of interrelated activities, documents, and technologies designed to collect and process data and report information to a diverse group of internal and external users. One of the technologies useful for an accounting information system is a database management system (DBMS).
In this assignment you will be required to prepare a simple DBMS. Note that this is an introductory course; accordingly, you are not expected to get a complete and detailed understanding and knowledge of DBMS. You will be scaffolded in every step of the assignment during contact hours (lecture and workshops). It is extremely important that you participate in lectures and workshops to receive information about this assignment.
The assignment
Each student will design and create a simple fees collection database system for Jim’s Golf Club (The Club).
The Club hosts national as well as international players who pay a membership fee to the club. The Club is using an Excel Sheet for record keeping and has come to you asking for help in developing a simple DBMS to maintain records about the following:
1. Player profiles
2. Players paid fees
Informed by the content of Weeks 1 through to 5, each student will do the following:
1. Design a database that captures player profile and fees paid by the players.
2. Create a DBMS for the fees collected.
Note: The below marking rubric provides guidance on the mark allocation for this assessment.
Individual Submission
Each individual must submit the following through Blackboard before submission deadline:
1. An individual report
2. A functional DBMS.
ACCT 503
SEMESTER 1- 2021
Introduction of the assignment (part of the written document) -2 marks You are to identify what you intend to achieve and provide an outline of the write up.
Step 1: Initiation and planning (part of the written document)- 5 marks The Club wants the following information:
1. About the players:
• You are to identify the data required to be stored.
2. Players paid fees
• You are to identify the data required to be stored.
Step 2: Requirement analysis (part of the written document) – 5 marks
Given the data described in Step 1, argue why such information may be required by the following two interested parties.
• Internal management
• IRD as an external party
Step 3: Design (part of the written document) – 10 marks
Given the information needs you have identified in Step 1, you are to design the DBMS accordingly. In this design, you are to have:
1. At least two related tables
2. One form
3. Identify one risk and how you will control for this
Step 4: Build (not part of the written document) – 20 marks
Using MS Access, you are to build a DBMS incorporating your design in Step 2. It is highly advisable that you use MS Access.
Step 5: Testing the system (part of the written document) – 2 marks Describe how you tested the system you developed.
Step 6: Implementation (not part of the written document) – 2 marks
You are to enter dummy data into the system (at least 10 for both players and player profiles). You are to print reports relating to the information needs identified Step 1.
Step 7: Maintenance (part of the written document) – 2 marks Describe the kind of maintenance that you will undertake.
Conclusion- 3 marks
You are to identify and describe one additional feature of the system that you recommend should be incorporated into the system and why.
Writing- 5 marks Writing style befitting of tertiary education.
What to hand in for marking?
1. Written document (not more than 1,000 words)
2. MS Access functional DBMS

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