Activity Presentation

Activity Presentation 1
The student will prepare an activity to be presented to the class.
This assignment fulfills
Module Outcome 2: You will have discussed the importance of planning, and some of the common planning approaches and guidelines.
Course Outcome 7: You will have planned and implemented a variety of games for outdoor and indoor play.
General Education Competency 1: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.
The Assignment
The activity will include a lesson plan and materials for the activity. You will need materials for each of the other students to follow along in your presentation.
Grading Criteria
The main points that the assignment must cover are:
Example of Lesson Plan:
Name of Activity: (i.e. Geometric Shapes)
Objective(s): (i.e. Students will create geometric shapes using toothpicks and gumballs)
Materials: (Toothpicks and gumballs)
Procedure(s): (Teacher will give each student 12 toothpicks and gumballs, instructing them to create a square, a pentagon, and a cube. After students create those specific shapes, students may experiment and create their own shapes.)
Evaluation: (Teacher Observation and Ask Questions)”

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