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“Each week, one of your course requirements is to share with other cohort members based on the particular discussion question posed in the forum for that week. First, access and read the information provided in the link with this page. Below is an article, one of many, that discusses a particular movement in Christian renewal. Of course, there are many other movements. This is just one example.
Access the following Boston Globe article on “”The Unexpected Monks””: which chronicles one of the most contemporary movements in Christian renewal
The above article is merely one of numerous examples of current trends or movements in the context of Christian faith.This week’s discussion question: Many times God is doing “”a new work”” of formation or renewal in our midst. In Christian history, the established church has, sadly, often oppressed, even persecuted the leaders and people in new and or emerging movements.  Based on your knowledge and experience what do you believe are the the theological and practical implications for the Church today of new movements such as the “”Monastic movement”” or others of which you are aware?. Next, as an “”emergent ‘Doctor of the Church’ “” yourself, there is the need to discern the meaning and value of any new trends or movements related to our faith the world over. We are called to discern and to judge the biblical and theological  authenticity and Biblical and theological validity of such movements, with humility, and love for those who are involved in these movements, even though we may not agree with them.  Because Doctors of the Church are called to love the Church in all its broad diversity throughout the world, have you in the past , shown any misjudgment or prejudice  to any authentic Christian traditions unlike your own; or where you have misjudged an authentic new movement of God?
Although your post does not have a length requirement, substance and clarity are expected as well as appropriate responses to other cohort members. The purpose of each week’s discussion is to provide learning opportunities, foster community, to deepen your own reflection and understanding and to further prepare you for the residency.”

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