answer the following questions

“1. In your opinion, was there a possibility that this tragedy could have been prevented?  If so what might have been done by whom?
2.  If Rusty was controlling and domineering, as stated by several people, what effect could his behavior have had on Andrea€™s mental state?
3.  Who were the victims in this case; and, why did you think they were victims?
4.  When did Andrea€™s mental illness start? After reading the article on Schizophrenia, can you identify signs and/or symptoms of Schizophrenia in Andrea? List some.
5.  Did other family members show symptoms of mental illness? Please give examples.
6.  How knowledgeable do you think Andrea€™s family and Rusty were about mental illness issues? Why do you think so?
7.  List all who failed by virtue of acts of commission or acts of omission to stop these murders and how they failed (what were the acts)?
8.  What role did the insurance company and the psychiatrists and other mental health professionals play in this tragedy? How much control did the insurance company have over Andrea€™s treatment? How could her treatment have been changed to prevent this tragedy?
9.  How has your attitude about this tragedy changed since you read this background material?  Explain.
10. If you were on the jury would you have votedguilty of murder ornot guilty due to insanity? Explain.”

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