In 1-2 typed double spaced pages, formally analyze one painting from

The painting is your choice. This is not a research paper, I want to hear your thoughts on the painting in your own words.

You must include a labeled image from the website of the painting you chose

All images can be found here:

Your paper should be formatted like this:

Description: To the best of your abilities describe what is happening in this painting as you see it.

Analysis: How is Giotto rendering this image? How is he using space/depth? How is he using perspective? What choices is he making as an artist and why? What is being shown and what is not?

Interpretation: What is Giotto trying to say in this picture by painting it in such a way?

What do you think this painting means?

Judgment: Is Giotto effective in getting his point across through the painting? Why or why not?

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