Article Review 3 for Counseling

“Article Review 3 For Counseling:
Any submissions above 50% plagiarism will receive zero. This assignment is due April 11, 2020 by 5:00 p.m. (Central Time)
Write a review of the attached article. The article must pertain directly to counseling and have been published in a national peer-reviewed counseling journal within the last five years. This assignment will be uploaded through turnitin. There is no page limit; however, the article review must contain the following in APA 6th edition format and each heading must be answered: 
Introductory Section
Research design
Data Analysis
Limitations of the study
Conclusions and Implications for future practice
Multicultural concerns
Importance to school counselors
Advancements the counseling profession (How does research advance the counseling profession
How has this article has impacted your own practices as a counselor? Will you change anything, plan to change or implement new ideas because of what you read and learned in the article.

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