Assessment 3 – System Test

Assessment task
Background of assessment 3
UTS decided to develop an online reservation and ordering system, and a business analysis has be conducted, please see the “UTS Fine Dinner.pdf” file in the assignment 3 folder. However, there are many problems in the business analysis.
Your group’s task is to find the possible bugs as many as possible before the deadline (12/10/2020) in order to minimize the cost in the further development of the project. Please consider different testing domains for different software development stages of the project (please refer to the appendix). You can also execute the task from the perspective of different participants, e.g., diner, chef, waiter, restaurant manager, programmer, system administrator, database administrator, and so on.
In order to carry out the task successfully and efficiently, planning, communication, and progress control are necessary. The output of this task is a report.
In your report, the following items should be included.
1. Meetings. For each meeting, a short meeting minutes should be presented, include the date, time, location, attendees, purpose of the meeting, item discussed, action plan, and so on.
2. A plan for the task, including subtask allocations, timelines, and so on. A table or Gantt chart is helpful.
3. Report of bugs in the order of risk level, the highest risk one the first. In general, each group needs to report at least 5*n bugs (n is the number of members of your group).
4. A summary of the task execution, including knowledge learnt, experience obtained, the positive and negative aspects of the group work.
5. You can make your own structure and format of the report. But you have to make your report clear and easy to follow for the readers.
6. Each group will conduct a 15 minute presentation about the task in tutorial 10. Please make the Power Point slides (around 10-15 pages) ready, and include it in the report.
Marking metrics
1. Coverage of the issues mentioned above.
2. The quality of each part.
3. For the reported bugs, marks will be granted based on the quality of the bugs, e.g. a system level or a functional defect is of high quality.
Different domains for software testing (please refer to Lecture 4 slides).
• System functionality
• User Interface
• Transaction processing
• Data Quality
• System operations
• Installation & upgrades
• Capacity & Volume
• Reliability, availability and stability
• Stress test (break test)
• Performance testing
• Date & time handing
• Localization
• Documentation
• Training
• Networks
• Business Processes
• Configuration
• Response time
• Compliance (standards & legal)
• Security
• Environment
• Power & Heat
• Business continuity
• Infrastructure
Different stages of software testing (please refer to Lecture 4 slides).
• Unit Testing
• System Integration Testing
• Operations Testing
• Smoke Testing
• User Acceptance Testing
• Implementation Testing

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