Now, using the gain ratio criterion, induce your classification tree to over fit the training set.Do not prune the tree.Provide the following information:(a) Provide your R statements that you have used to induce the tree.
(2)(b) How deep is your classification tree, i.e., how many levels? Provide your R code that you have used to determine the tree depth.
(3)(c) How many leaf nodes are there in your tree? Provide the R code that you have written to count the number of leaf nodes.
(3)(d) Provide the confusion matrix on the training set and on the test set. If you do not know what a confusion matrix is, then google. Provide your R code.
(6)(e) In a table provide the classification accuracy of the tree on the training set and on the test set. Provide the R code.
(6)(f) In the same table, provide the precision, recall and F-score for the training set and the test set. Provide your R code.

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