Part A – Inferential Statistics Data Plan Analysis


Introduction:  I am 35 years old, married, have three children, and have a bachelors’ degree in business management and have a household income of $79,700, $17,600 in housing expenses, and $1900 in electricity expenses.  My focus is determining how marital status affects both housing and electricity expenses.

Table 1 – Variables Used for the Analysis


Data Set Variables Variable type Description Quantitative or Qualitative
Variable 1 – Marital status Socioeconomics Married head of household Qualitative
Variable 2 – Electricity Expenses Annual electricity expenses Quantitative


Variable 2 – Housing Expenses Annual housing expenses Quantitative


Data Analysis

Table 2:  Confidence Interval Information and Results

Variable – Housing
X = the annual expenses for housing

µ = the means of housing expenses annually

Excel is used
State and check the assumptions for confidence level and rationale for using it: 


Confidence Interval:


Statistical Interpretation: 



Table 3



Part B: Results Write Up

Two Sample Hypothesis Test Analysis: