assignment 4

“Student will access and read a recent (within the last three years or so) academic journal article on thenontraditional adult learner in higher education from a scholarly journal such as Adult Education Quarterly, The Nontrad Journal, etc. and write a formal review consisting of both a summary and a critique. If unsure of the publication and whether it is a scholarly academic professional source, please check before selecting and reviewing the article.
INTRODUCTION (general introduction with purpose statement)                                    ______10%
SUMMARY (of articles main points or research findings)                                             _____ 30%
CRITIQUE                                                                                                                   _____ 30%
CONCLUSION (conclusion that summarizes)                                                               _____ 10%
REFERENCE   (full bibliographic information of article)                                               _____   5%
WRITING (sentence & paragraph structure; pronoun-antecedent agreement;
subject-verb agreement; verb tense; 1st and 2nd person; generalizations;
clichés; word usage, etc.)                                                                                              _____ 10%
FORMAT (margination, pagination; citations; references; headers; gender-
biased language, etc.)                                                                                                    _____ 5%
Percentage Point                                                                                                           _____ 100
Total Points (out of 20)                                                                                               _____ /20

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