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Netflix Analysis Assignment Help- SWOT Analysis

Introduction Netflix Inc. Overview Netflix is a US company that offers subscription platforms for TV shows and films. Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings founded Netflix in 1997. It is also the world’s pioneer legal streaming following the release of thousands of movies and episodes. Netflix […]

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Response to John Lewis’s essay

Reading John Lewis’s essay brought along a new and revitalized view of the United States. As an Asian who is migrating to the United States for almost 12 years, it was easy to perceive the United States as an opportunity called “the American Dream.” In […]

Benefits of pursuing freediving

Benefits of pursuing freediving People around the world pursue freediving for several reasons. For some individuals, it is a way of seeking food for their families or societies; for adventurers, it is a way of expending skills and a way of excitement. At the same […]

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Do you need SWOT analysis Assignment Help? Have been looking for quality SWOT analysis homework help or assignment help? You have come to the right place. Every student in a business related field keeps getting assignments to analyze various companies or organizations using SWOT analysis. […]

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Tesla Case Study – Company Analysis Assignment Help

Tesla Inc. Company Overview Tesla, Inc. is an American electronic and clean energy company car based in California. The company produces electronic products such as electric cars, solar panels, battery energy storage and other green energy related products. Tesla as founded on 2003 by a […]


PART A: Evaporation and Climate Change (25 marks)   QA1. Penman-Monteith Evapotranspiration (15 marks) Calculate the daily evapotranspiration using the Penman-Monteith method for Sydney. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has guidelines on the calculations which may be useful and the information in […]

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Ratio Analysis Assignment Help

ANSWER Liquidity Ratios       Current Ratio   Current assets 10,625,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   1.8240343 Quick Ratio   Current assets 10,625,000 Inventory 900,000 Prepayments 200,000   9,525,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   1.6351931 Cash Ratio   Cash 1,150,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   0.1974249 Times […]

How to Write a Better Psychology Research Paper

According to Zhao & Hirvela (2015), it is important for a student to synthesize information before jotting it down. A student in the university, college or senior school has a clear understanding of the close relationship between reading and writing. The discussion of my personal […]