Your team works for a renowned consulting firm specializing in financial markets and associated risk management. Recently, your team has been assigned to two projects regarding interest rate products and foreign exchange market trading respectively. Your team are invited to help clients to form and implement the strategy in achieving their specific objectives. At the end of each project, your team is required to provide a report and present to client’s management. The report needs to address the issues faced by the client as mentioned in the case, covering at least following points:

1. Outline the trading strategy that you planned to achieve the objectives. Your answer could include but not limited to the following points:
• Explain the trading strategies in detail
• Demonstrate which interest rate products or currencies you will buy or sell to achieve your trading objective.
• Demonstrate what rate level you will quote or accept?
2. Explain the transactions you made, in this section, you may include the following points:
• How does each transaction contribute to achieving the trading objective?
• How did you decide the actual price for every transaction?
• Can you implement the planned strategy smoothly?
• What are the key learnings in executing your trading strategy?
3. Analyse the profit and loss of your trading.


You will receive your 1st project in early Week6 and 2nd project in Week8 in your project group registered on Canvas People.
You are required to attend week6 and Week 9 trading simulation session to trade with your classmates in order to provide the report for the projects.

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