“Bible scholar Don Carson has said that proficiency in biblical studies, and growth as a Christian, is not so much gauged by how much you have mastered the text, but by how much you have been mastered by the text. That is to say, its not so much about how much information we can cram in our heads, but how the information we have learned impacts and changes us. While this can be said of any material, it is especially true of the bible.

With these sentiments in mind, choose and reflect upon any three-five books, themes, ideas, etc., discussed in this course (they can come from lectures, videos, your own bible reading, etc.), and write two FULL pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman font) about how the these ideas/themes, etc. have impacted one, two, or all three of the following areas: your thinking (intellectual life), feeling (emotional life), an doing (volitional life).

For example, has an aspect of the course content challenged a belief/set of beliefs you held prior taking this course? Or has the course content further solidified what you already believed? Have you replaced old beliefs with new ones in light of the content? Have specific themes encouraged you in specific ways, exhorted you, comforted you, or perhaps even rebuked or convicted you?

These are just some example questions to get you thinking about how to answer this question. Please be specific.