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Effect of technology revolution on peoples’ writing abilities

Largely, technology has been blamed for the lack of writing skills among adults and youths. The emergence of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter are believed to encourage low levels of writings as opposed to the academic writings. Worldwide, parents are complaining of deterioration […]

Customer analysis case study

      Part 1 The client happens to be one Stephen Daniels. His interest in manufacturing has granted him an opportunity to be among one of the well-known manufacturers. Apart from manufacturing, the retail sector has also proven to be doing well for him especially […]

Navigating Social Media

Introduction Over time, social media has taken different paths considering the advancements in the levels of technology. Various platforms are categorized under social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All these platforms give users the ability to access navigated information from different parts of […]

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Linux Assignment Help Services in UAE, USA and UK

As the world is shifting to technology, students are required to have skills in almost all operating systems. unlike other common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google and Mac OS, Linux operating system is an open source operating system with numerous advantages. […]

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CIPD Assignment Help Services

Are you stuck with your CIPD assignment? When is it due? Are you stuck with your CIPD assignment? Are you looking for qualified professionals to help you write CIPD assignments? You have come to the right place! At Reliable Assignments Help, you will get CIPD […]

Star Finder Assignment Help- Astronomy Assignment Help

What is Star Finder Star finders are an important tool used to orient students about the sky in the night sky.  Some commonly used tools include RASC Star Finders. The equipment has been designed to help beginners to learn more about Astronomy. A planisphere (also […]