Critical thinking: Mathematics and Statistics assignment help

The research firm LL Research collected data from 200 client businesses. They want to determine how the businesses compare among four variables: 2015 Profit in millions of dollars 2016 Profit in millions of dollars 2015-2016 Two-Year Change in Daily Average Customer Visits Two-Year Average Number […]

Discussion : Marketing assignment help

Articles: 1. How McDonald’s Conquered India, BBC, 2014 2. There are numerous innovative and interesting practices of how companies develop new offerings or tailor their marketing approaches to serve the needs in a foreign market. Here are some of these examples: · A Skin-Care […]

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How to Analyze Company ROE using DuPont Analysis

What is DuPont Analysis? The DuPont analysis is a financial method used for evaluating the component parts of a company return on equity (ROE). DuPont analysis can also be defined as a framework for analyzing fundamental performance of a firm. Investors use it to determine […]

Fundamentals of private and public finance

“Describe the issue of “”standing”” in plain terms. What is standing in the context of litigation? How does a party demonstrate standing?  Discuss jurisdiction. What is the difference between subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction? How does the concept of “”fairness”” to the parties relate […]

Literature Review on E-Commerce Risks- Alibaba Company Case Study

Chapter 2.Literature Review 2.1 Chapter Introduction In the recent world economies, information and knowledge are the critical factors of production. Technical progress and innovation are some of the major contributions that ensure economic development. E-commerce is a crucial element to ensure competition in enterprises. It […]

INTEL Corporation company assignment Help

“Research and then describe INTEL Corporation company’s primary      business activities. Include: A brief historical summary, A list of       competitors, The company’s       position within the industry, Recent       developments within the company/industry, Future       direction, and Other items       of significance to your corporation. Include information from a variety […]


“For this task, reflect on the highlights of your learning achievements in Business English this semester. Address questions below but not necessarily in the given order or as question and answer: what did you learn in this class that you did not before? What did […]

DB 2 CF- Business Assignment Help

“Respond to both threads (2) and comment on their observations about the implications of financing with debt. Be sure to give specific examples and state whether you agree or disagree  Each reply must be at least 100 words. Order Now