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In Unit VII of this course, you will be submitting a research paper based on a topic within police-community relations. More specifically, narrow the focus of your research paper to how the police relate to a specific group within a community.
For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography, which requires you to research, select, and read three peer-reviewed journal articles. Newspapers, news outlets, blogs, or anything from Wikipedia or any of its affiliates etc. are not acceptable.
Your articles should address the following elements:
one or more of the theories regarding conflict and conflict management and how they can be applied to policing,
one or more of the different approaches to police-community relations, and
how police-community relations are impacted by police officers themselves?
In addition, substantive annotated bibliographies should address the direction, intent, and conclusions of the subject under review (your research paper topic), and explain how the individual articles are going to be applied to your final research paper.
The annotations for each source should consist of at least 100 to 150 words.
Use the annotated bibliography template to complete your assignment.
View the annotated bibliography tutorial to learn what it is and how to construct one. The transcript for this tutorial can be found within the “Notes” tab to the right of the presentation.

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