Business Analytics

Summative Assessment
You will be summatively assessed by a group project report and presentation on your survey on turnitin link of Moodle along with the physical presentation. Each student in the group has to conduct survey of atleast 5 companies. A group will not exceed more than 5 member. Choice of the group is left to each individual. Template and design of the survey will be given to you.
As a group you are expected to submit a report and presentation at the end of this project. Following will be the key parts of them
An executive summary:
Overall discussion about the project in brief with results along with recommendations
An introduction to the project and research objectives:
Defining the scope and aims of the project along with the key steps
Data collection process  
Explaining the process of data collection and challenges
Data analysis    
Analysing data applying tools and techniques in the class                                                              
A discussion of issues  
In depth discussion of data analysis challenges
Presentation and analysis of findings
A Clear evidence of findings in the form of graphs, tables and charts along with written analysis
Study conclusions
A concise conclusion with relevance to the findings
Future direction of research and its implications
Reflective Report
Reflective account of your understanding about the project and suggestions
Structure, Layout and Academic Practice
Following the academic layout in terms of structure, sign posting and language
In addition to the above consider following instructions while you create both report and presentation.

  1. There has to be a clear evidence of systematic data collection from the project
  2. Adequate understanding has to be shown to upload, filter, process and manipulate data
  3. Certain data processing procedure should be shown like entering data, coding data, inserting missing data values, defining data types etc..
  4. Key statistical concepts should be applied on the data i.e. frequencies, cross tabulations, descriptive statistics
  5. Graphical presentation of data analysis and processing to support story telling
  6.  Key inferences has to be drawn from the data and supported by the evidence
  7. A reflective account has to be visible in the report which should be linked with the presentation
  8. Work load within group members should be distributed evenly and each member will be answerable of his/her own account of work.
  9. Contribution of each member should be clearly marked in the presentation to achieve corresponding grade
  10. Communication skills both verbal and written will also be assessed along with data analytics skills in this project

The will include the following elements:
An executive summary                                                           10% of overall report mark
An introduction to the project and research objectives          5% of the overall report mark
A Data collection process                                                       10% of the overall report mark
A data analysis                                                                      15% of the overall report mark
A discussion of issues                                                            10% of the overall report mark
Presentation and analysis of findings                                     20% of the overall report mark (not in word count)
Study conclusions                                                                   10% of the overall report mark
Recommendations                                                                 10% of the overall report mark (not in word count)
Reflective Report                                                                    5% of the overall report mark (not in word count)

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