) The organization and products/services

Give an overview of your proposed enterprise. The enterprise may be for-profit or not-for-profit. Describe the primary products or services that your organization will provide and the market you will target. Describe why these products or services are in demand within the marketplace and how these products or services will add value to the customers in your target market.

Identify and justify the organizational structure that you will use (corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) and the design of the reporting structure within the organization.

2) Competitive Advantages

Discuss your proposed organization in terms of Porter’s “Five Force Model” and identify which of the forces are most critical to focus on for the success of the organization and which of the forces represent the greatest threat to the success of the organization. Also identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of your products or services that you plan to deliver to your potential customers. Identify the basic generic strategy (from Porter’s Three Generic Strategy) your organization will pursue to deliver your products/services to your target market.

3) No plagiarism

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