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CAPM Model Assignment Help

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How is Financial Risk Defined?

Financial risk refers to the possibility of losing part or all of the investment. The risk level varies according to the investment. Each investment is subject to the market’s rate of return and risk. Generally, the risk is calculated using the standard deviation of historical data or by averaging historical data. The larger the standard deviation, the more risky the situation. Every investor is concerned with mitigating financial risk to maximize his earnings. If he invests in any higher-risk investments, he exposes himself to the possibility of a massive loss or a large profit. It is believed that “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.”

What Is the Project’s Expected Rate of Return?

The expected rate of return is the investor’s rate of return when investing in market security. This expected return is calculated using historical data and is typically calculated on an average basis. For instance, if a person invests in a security with a 30% chance of earning a 10% profit and a 70% chance of earning a 20% loss, the expected return is an 11% loss (0.3*0.1 + 0.7*-0.2).

How do you calculate the risk-free rate of return?

The Risk-Free Rate of Return is the rate of return an investor anticipates from a zero-return investment. This is typically the theoretical rate that an investor anticipates. For example, when a person invests in security, he expects to earn at least the return on risk-free, fluctuating-free security. Therefore, he takes the risk on the securities to earn a higher rate of return. In general, the rate of return on a three-month Treasury Bill is considered the risk-free rate of return on other securities in the United States.

What is the term “Beta Coefficient”?

Beta Coefficient is a measure of a security’s sensitivity or systematic risk in comparison to market securities. The beta coefficient is a significant factor in determining the rate of return required to cover the risk. The beta coefficient is determined using Regression Analysis. A beta’s response to market movements is typically proportional to its coefficient.

What is a Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)?

Capital Asset Pricing Model is an acronym for Capital Asset Pricing Model. Additionally, it is referred to as the Security Market Line Model. It studies the relationship between the Risk in the securities and the Expected Return from those securities. CAPM model is widely used to price securities and check the vulnerability of securities to the outer risk. The CAPM model is based on certain assumptions which generally are theoretical in nature.

The assumptions are:

  1. Investors wish for maximizing of wealth.
  2. Investors can borrow or lend an unlimited amount at a risk-free rate.
  3. All investors are rational and wish for the same return.
  4. There is no restriction on a short sale.
  5. No transaction cost.
  6. No taxation.
  7. Quantities of all assets are given and fixed.
  8. The investors are price takers, not the price makers.
  9. All assets are divisible and can be sold at any time in the market.

The CAPM model’s fundamental premise is that the security’s return should compensate the two factors, Time Value of Money and Risk. Thus, the CAPM Model determines the price of an asset by factoring in risk and return.


The CAPM Model’s disadvantages include the following:

Though the CAPM model is widely used and critical in determining asset prices. However, this method has some drawbacks, as several assumptions make no sense in real-world situations. The disadvantages are as follows:

  1. First, the assumptions clearly state that there are no transaction costs, whereas, in reality, each transaction incurs a cost.
  2. Taxes always exist in reality, contradicting another assumption.
  3. In the real market, securities prices fluctuate constantly and daily, making the market more sensitive and volatile. In such an environment, the CAPM model is inapplicable.
  4. The beta calculation is required for the CAPM Model to be implemented. Unfortunately, beta is a complicated formula that is not always accurate.
  5. The expected return is unreliable due to the market’s volatility.
  6. Even when the market’s Beta is calculated, it does not remain constant. Instead, it is subject to frequent change, rendering the CAPM Model inefficient.

Apart from these disadvantages, the model is widely used as a key indicator and tool for setting securities prices.

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