Digital Case Study Book Project


In this assignment, You will evaluate and critique the book “Eleven-Things We Never Said”. Read and research this book. You will find 10 different poems in the book and discuss psychological disorders (using the DSM-5 – found in D2L) and a therapeutic interventions correlated one with another. This assignment will consist of a digital presentation via Prezi or a similar digital online presentation software (that you will create). You will discuss your interpretations that illustrate a psychological disorder and provide examples in your presentation. Please be sure to reference the DSM-5 book that I added to D2L.

** Please do not copy and paste verbiage that you find online (this is and will be considered plagiarism!)
I expect you to create your own!

Please note there is a PDF link, under the D2L Content, which has the complete DSM 5.

(PLEASE NOTE WIKIPEDIA IS NOT CONSIDERED A REPUTABLE REFERENCE) You must turn in all components of your presentation in order to receive a grade. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted or graded!

Directions for Portfolio Project:
1. Create a digital presentation. You can use online digital software (however, please contact me first if you are using particular software other than Prezi, to ensure that I am able to open your assignment. Please be creative and unique this is your opportunity to shine. Be precise regarding the chosen topics. Strive for professional accuracy, creativity, and academically fun to read.
Prezi is FREE is you choose the basic membership. Here’s the link:

2. Remember the book(s) is THREE of your sources: Please include literature reviews, treatment interventions such as (CBT, REBT, Music or Art Therapy), that may be included in helping a person deal or relate to your topic of discussion in your presentation.

3. Additional questions may be included in your presentation, which may help you spark your how does those findings correlate with psychology? What are the primary issues of discussion with the topic?
4. What is something interesting that you learned? What are limitations on this topic?
5. Describe who you are and your since of self in the beginning vs. the end of class. Has your sense of self or perceived-self changed?
6. In the last slide of your presentation, you will describe your experience after reading this book. What did you learn about yourself? How did the book impact you? Be sure to include your journal entries where warranted.

This activity will help you gain the ability to obtain the appropriate knowledge and understanding of psychology. Failure to answer each question above will result in deduction of points on this assignment.


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