Case study : English and Literature

For this week’s discussion, please address each of the following: How do you view yourself? I am a kind of ordinary person , surviving my life in this universe. I am friendly and like to make new bond with peoples. Hide my feelings, and emotions but always smile:) I am honest, loyal and encourage others to be honest with me so that they can feel comfortable while speaking and express without fear of backlash. When people do criticize me constructively, I listen carefully and accept what they have to say. I do not react in anger and do not pressure other friends into supporting or denying claims. I ask questions to myself . Wether I am doing this is correct or not? Why? Is it true? etc.. Do you see yourself as more independent or interdependent? BOTH (explain…) Does that self view apply across different contexts, or is it different in different contexts? How does that self view influence your interactions with others, especially with those from a different culture? List the types of collective identities you may have. Do you notice how you change or how you identify yourself depending on the context you’re in and with whom you’re interacting? While this discussion requires some self-reflection, you should always incorporate at least 2 outside sources to support your own ideas

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