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1.    An(                          ) constitution, such as that found in New Zealand, can be amended by a simple majority. Acts of Parliament are(                      )  – no court has the validity to question an Act of Parliament. The only part of the constitution that is entrenched is the  (                          ). The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement between Māori and  ( English). In 1996, New Zealand moved from a plurality-majority electoral system to a proportional representation electoral system, which produced two kinds of MPs –  (                    )  MPs, who represent a particular district, and  (                          ) MPs, chosen by the party. The media is considered the  (                      )  estate in New Zealand. The relationship between the government and the media in New Zealand is generally considered to conform to the  (                    )model. When parties develop policies and present them to voters for advance approval at elections, therefore giving the party a ‘mandate’, MPs act as  (                        ) of the party. Alternately, the elitist position is parties in government should develop the policies they think are the right ones, and thereby MPs are    (                  ) .
1.    What is the ‘mediatization’ of politics? What are some consequences of the mediatization of New Zealand politics?
1.    How do you define a constitution, according to Geoffrey Palmer? Where are some places you can find the constitution in New Zealand?

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