Write a 4-page effectiveness review in APA style about child/adolescent therapy. Students may choose two theories from the following choices – psychodynamic, Adlerian therapy. Each of these are described in detail in the Kress et al. text.

Based on your reading of the Kress et al. course text, students should select two orientations to review. The aim of this paper is to provide a high-level overview regarding how effective the two orientations are for children/adolescents as well as to summarize any limitations.

For each orientation you review, students will, first, discuss how that therapy is effective for children/adolescents (e.g., is the therapy best for kids of a certain age or with a certain set of concerns? Or, what about this therapy is uniquely designed to help children/adolescents improve?). Students should NOT summarize the orientation. Rather, students should focus on how and why the therapy is effective in helping children/adolescents. Students must also use at least 1 peer-reviewed source per orientation (so at least 2 total) to enhance their effectiveness reviews.

After students demonstrate how and why the therapy is effective for children and/or adolescents, then, second, please offer a critique of the orientations individually. Your critique of each orientation should contain your examination (written professionally, not colloquially) of the limitations of the therapy. For example, are there cultural groups that might not benefit from this therapy? Is this therapy limited in its evidence base (e.g., not a lot of research to demonstrate it’s effective). Students should consider multicultural applicability in their evaluation. The aim of this section is to demonstrate your critical eye in how you evaluate the appropriateness of this therapy for a wide audience.

The paper should be formatted as follows, and should use required headings and subheadings:
Therapy Orientation 1
Effectiveness of orientation
Critique of orientation
Therapy Orientation 2
Effectiveness of orientation
Critique of orientation

The introduction of the paper should provide an overview of what you intend to discuss in the body of your paper. The conclusion should provide a closing summary and any remarks that would bring your paper to a close.

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