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Tesla Case Study – Company Analysis Assignment Help

Tesla Inc. Company Overview Tesla, Inc. is an American electronic and clean energy company car based in California. The company produces electronic products such as electric cars, solar panels, battery energy storage and other green energy related products. Tesla as founded on 2003 by a […]

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Ratio Analysis Assignment Help

ANSWER Liquidity Ratios       Current Ratio   Current assets 10,625,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   1.8240343 Quick Ratio   Current assets 10,625,000 Inventory 900,000 Prepayments 200,000   9,525,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   1.6351931 Cash Ratio   Cash 1,150,000 Current liabilities 5,825,000   0.1974249 Times […]

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How to Analyze Company ROE using DuPont Analysis

What is DuPont Analysis? The DuPont analysis is a financial method used for evaluating the component parts of a company return on equity (ROE). DuPont analysis can also be defined as a framework for analyzing fundamental performance of a firm. Investors use it to determine […]