The Meaning of State Marijuana Laws for Employers’ Drug Policies

The Meaning of State Marijuana Laws for Employers’ Drug Policies      Abstract Marijuana use and legalization has sparked a huge debate in the employment sector. Pundits in the legal sector are of the opinion that legalizing marijuana in various states of the US will have an impact on the employment policies of various employers […]

Research Topics Related to Covid-19 for University Students

Research Topics Related to Covid-19 for University Students   Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19) the world has experienced a health crisis. The pandemic has greatly impacted the perception of the world and everyday life. The COVID-19 has not only threatened human life but also how people live their lives these days. […]

Business plan : Business and Management Assignment Help

Develop a specific plan of action to recommend Your plan should include detailed information about the new company’s: 1) Organizational structure 2) Leadership 3) Most advantageous incentive system Your plan should also include detailed advice for leadership to facilitate the transition, ensure company-wide buy in, and enhance job satisfaction and performance. Order Now

Fundamentals of private and public finance

“Describe the issue of “”standing”” in plain terms. What is standing in the context of litigation? How does a party demonstrate standing?  Discuss jurisdiction. What is the difference between subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction? How does the concept of “”fairness”” to the parties relate to personal jurisdiction? Discuss burdens of proof. What is the […]

Literature Review on E-Commerce Risks- Alibaba Company Case Study

Chapter 2.Literature Review 2.1 Chapter Introduction In the recent world economies, information and knowledge are the critical factors of production. Technical progress and innovation are some of the major contributions that ensure economic development. E-commerce is a crucial element to ensure competition in enterprises. It ensures access to fresh segments of the market, increases the […]

Domestic violence among African Americans

RESEARCH TOPIC: Domestic violence among African Americans The final paper (1850 to 2000 words-not including your title page or references) will be a research paper in which you are expected to write on a problem or issue relevant to African American Issues in Psychology As part of this paper, you should offer some type of […]