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Relationships between federal, state and local governments seem to be more frayed today than anytime in recent history. Consider the current “standoff” between the federal government’s mandates for the reopening of public schools during the COVID-19 crisis, and local school districts’ responses. Polls indicate a […]

Case study : Safety and Accident Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will create a case study involving an accident in the workplace. Choose an occupational accident that occurred in a facility where you worked, or find an article in the CSU Online Library describing an occupational accident. In your case study introduction, […]

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5 page paper (excluding bibliography)  Bibliography (the 6th page) must be correctly formatted. All sources must be correctly cited.  No visuals at all. Must include: – how it is representative of Metro LA – its history – what role it plays in the culture, economy, […]

Case study : Business and Management assignment help

Select a specific article of interest to you on the topic of a quality management–related subject. Introduction – Overview, why you selected, and summary. Key Points – Key points of article and application to Quality. Reflection – Indicate what you found interesting and that which […]

Critical thinking: Mathematics and Statistics assignment help

The research firm LL Research collected data from 200 client businesses. They want to determine how the businesses compare among four variables: 2015 Profit in millions of dollars 2016 Profit in millions of dollars 2015-2016 Two-Year Change in Daily Average Customer Visits Two-Year Average Number […]

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Articles: 1. How McDonald’s Conquered India, BBC, 2014 https://www.bbc.com/news/business-30115555 2. There are numerous innovative and interesting practices of how companies develop new offerings or tailor their marketing approaches to serve the needs in a foreign market. Here are some of these examples: · A Skin-Care […]