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1CHYS 2P51, Fall 2020, Midterm This is an open-book, take home midterm worth 15% of your final grade. It is due October 20that 5pm. Please answer TWO of the following three questions. Each answer mustbe a maximum ofthree pages, 12 ptfont, double-spaced. Your cover page is not included in this page count. Please submit as a PDF document (preferably) or a Microsoft Worddocument.Your cover page for each question should include: your name, student number, seminar number and the numberof the question you are answering.You only need a reference page if you are drawing on material from outside the course, but any material directly copiedfrom lecture videos or readings must be in quotation marks and have in-text referencing.E.g: “….” (Clark, p.3). You must also use in-text referencing to indicate where paraphrased material or ideas are coming from, but in this case no page number is needed. E.g.: … (Lecture video, Lesson 3).Please be sure to read the question carefully and clearly address each part. IMPORTANT: In order to help us to organize marking, each answer mustbe in a separate document, each with its own cover page. You will makeTWO submissions to Sakai, one for each answer. Please submit each one into the appropriate Assignment folder in Sakai: Midterm Question 1, Midterm Question 2, or Midterm Question 3.Questionsto choose from:1.Imagine that you are the principal of an elementary school. You have been approached by researchers from Brock University who want to do a research project with children in the school who have learningdisabilities. Theresearcherswant to ask about how school has been going for thestudents, including asking questions about their peer relationships. You want to make sure that relevant ethical issues have been addressed, so you ask the researchers for more information. Explain eachof the following ethical concerns, how they could berelevanttothis specific project, andhow the researchers could address them(2 marks each). At some point in your answer, draw on at least twocourse readings to support your discussion(2 marks).•Protection and participation•Consent/assent•Confidentiality•Positionality and insider/outsider status2.We began CHYS 2P51 by comparing qualitative and quantitative approaches.Drawing on at least twocourse readings, and addressing the concepts of ontology, epistemology, methodology and methods in each of your answers:a)Outline how a quantitativeresearcher might design a project about how to improve children’s enjoyment of an outdoor playground. (5 marks)b)Outline how a qualitativeresearcher might design a project about how to improve children’s enjoyment of an outdoor playground. (5marks)

23.You are conducting a qualitative research project on children’s social media use. a)Drawing on at least onecourse reading, as well aslecture material, provide threedistinctreasons for why it isa good idea to include children in this research. (5marks)b)Including a concrete example from onecoursereading, explainhow the goal of including children inthisresearch mightfitparticularly well with qualitative approaches. (3marks)c)Pick two of the following criteria for determining quality in qualitative research (see mini lecture video in Lesson 1) and for each one, discuss what you could do to ensure that you are meeting this goal in your research project (2 marks)-worth/significance-resonance-sincerity and credibility-due diligence and meaningful coherence

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