CIS web design part 2- Assignment Help

Due in Week 3 and worth 50 points
Part One:
Your client is interested in how you will structure the Website. Before you begin to write the HTML for your pages, it’s a good practice to create a storyboard* that outlines your ideas for colors, font sizes, placement of images, hyperlinks, and sections on each page. You do not need to write this in HTML! In fact, it will save you time if you develop your storyboard in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio first, so you can make adjustments based on feedback.
Here are some online resources to help you think through the process:
Example Story Board
Part Two:
Based on your storyboard, you will begin to create your file structure for your site. It is never a good practice to keep all of your files in the same folder.
For example, if you are developing a site that sells clothing for men, women, and children you might have one folder for all the pages that house men’s clothing, another for women’s clothing, and so on.
You can create this portion in Word indicating where each of your HTML pages will be located, as shown in Section 2.4: Links in your text.
*Your storyboard and file structure should outline your homepage, inside pages, navigational scheme, and where you plan to add your form. This is a high-level design that you will be adjusting and changing throughout the quarter.”

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