1. recognise and explain the core concepts of enterprise systems and its architecture
2. critically analyse the role of enterprise systems in the business process management domain
3. apply process management skills and enterprise systems tools to develop practical solutions that support business operations and decision-making
4. communicate enterprise systems and their strategic implications to both technical and non-technical audiences within a business context.


Assignment 2 requires you to login to your ERP tool and execute a number of tasks. As an evidence of completion of your activities, you are required to enter information in a data sheet, produce screenshots and write up task reflections that relate to your activities. Submit a single word document with the following ERP exercise activity requirements.

ERP Exercise Activity 60 marks

Before you begin your Assignment, please confirm the My Settings parameters of your user account as listed in the table below. If you change these settings, your ERP activities and results may be different.

Parameter Value
Role Centre Business Manager
Company CRONUS Australia Pty. Ltd.
Work Date 31/01/2018
Region English (Australia)
Language English (Australia)
Time Zone (UTC + 10:00) Brisbane

Activity 1 User Personalisation 10
Within your Business Manager Role center, one of your KPIs is displayed as Sales This Month cue. Because of a new sales policy at CRONUS Australia Pty. Ltd., your target has increased to have sales per month that is worth at least $300,000. Sales figure of under
$100,000 is deemed an unfavorable situation that needs intervention from senior management.

For this reason, you want to set the Sales This Month cue on your role center as follows:

• Favorable: >$300,000
• Ambiguous: $100,001 – $300,000
• Unfavorable: <$100,000 Requirements A. Complete the tasks and fill out the following data sheet. Record Value Sales This Month Bar Colour before Personalisation Bar Colour after Personalisation B. Capture a screenshot of Cue Setup showing the personalisation settings for Sales This Month cue. Activity 2 Advanced Filtering 10 Jayden, the inventory manager at CRONUS Australia Pty. Ltd. is making a financial analysis on Accounts Receivables for Australian customers for the month of December. For that reason, he wants the Chart of Accounts page to calculate the net change for December only on the following Accounts Receivable account. a. Account Number: 2120 b. Account Name: Finished Goods Export relevant records in Excel and find the total net change value. Requirements A. Complete the tasks and fill out the following data sheet. Record Value Filter Criteria used Original Net Change Value Net Change Value for December only   B. Capture a screenshot of Filter Criteria showing the criteria used for relevant fields. Activity 3 Multiple Filter Criteria 10 Naomi, the marketing officer at CRONUS Australia Pty. Ltd. has been asked to find out all customers based in South Australia that are administered by the Adelaide centre and have an outstanding balance of over $400,000 (“Outstanding Balance” refers to “Balance Due”) Requirements A. Complete the tasks and fill out the following data sheet. Record Value Filter Criteria used Resulting Customer Numbers B. Capture a screenshot of Filtered Customers list page showing the results from the filter. Activity 4 ERP Activity Journal 30 Please records your activities and issues related to completing the ERP activity exercise. In date order, clearly list the following: o Date of login & the number of ERP exercise activities completed o Full description of activity completed o Time duration of the activity o Challenges/ issues faced (if any) If you did not get the intended output as required, please write what measures you took to try to resolve the issues: looking up in the Internet; discussing with peers and teaching team; took a different course of action, etc. Please provide a rationale towards your alternative action and/ or your reflection on these activities. For example, if you tried to do this several times but you encountered errors, etc. please include screenshots of errors and write your real experience. We will award marks for an authentic journal entry here, so you might get errors in all 3 activities above, but you may get full marks in this section if you explain your experience and what you did to try to overcome these issues. Note: Your entries in the ERP tool [this is accessible to us in the system from an ERP tool report of your activity by User account], your ERP exercise activity including screenshots, data sheet or activity journal may be cross-referenced and validated during the marking of this assignment. In cases of inconsistencies, marks may be deducted. Activity 5 Case Study Critical Analysis 40 Capture a screenshot of two posts to the weekly Case Study Critical Analysis forums from Weeks 1 to 5, and copy them onto your assignment document. • Post 1: self-post to answer case study question Post 2: reply post to a peer, providing constructive feedback to your peer’s post (must be a different week to post 1) Few tips for reply post to a peer: • Write with respectful and professional language. No slangs please. • Ensure your writing is motivational and supportive. • Focus on description rather than judgement. • Provide a balance of positive and negative feedback. • Aim to refer to relevant literature to support your response.