Introduction: Describe one (virtual) clinical event: Briefly explain the scenario you are discussing, and the relevant aspects of care required/provided. Why did you choose this situation? How did you feel about it? Discuss how your knowledge base and aspects of the significant event contributed to these thoughts and feelings? 1-2 paragraphs

Elaborate: give more specific details about the scenario. Explain what happened and how it affected you. Cite specific examples of what you experienced in simulation. What was the impact the situation had on you and/or the client both positive and negative? 2-3 paragraphs

Analysis: What questions did this experience raise for you? What does the literature suggest regarding this situation? What would you have done differently? What went well? What science and theories support your actions? Be sure to include at least two references in this section. (CNO/RNAO, textbook, journal article). Also choose at least 3 learning outcomes (see course outline) that apply to this situation and explain how you met them through this experience. In addition, choose 2 determinants of health that relate to the scenario and briefly explain their impact. 3-5 paragraphs

Action Plan: How has this situation combined with your understanding of the literature influenced how you will care for future clients? 1-2 paragraphs

Assignment expected to be two to three pages in length and follow APA guidelines.

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