LO 3 – Assess general vulnerabilities and risks in transportation and border security systems;
CLO 4 Compare and contrast differences in dealing with security threats for passenger versus freight/cargo transportation systems including the impact on supply chain logistics;

Assignment: Students are to pick one of Students will pick one mode of transportation and write a 1000-essay showing and understanding of how that mode of transportation secures the passengers and cargo it moves. This includes both general security procedure and any documents required to transit borders.
Length: 1,000 to 1,500. (You must be within 10% over or under. Papers more than 10% either way will result in a reduction in mark.
Research: Students should have at least 15 resources. Because students may not have access to books, the research can have more journal articles and other items. Please do try to access books.
The paper similarity score must be below 20%.
Due date Thursday 18 November at 2359. Late submissions will be reduced 10% points per day up to 5 Days.

Date due Thursday 11 February at 2359 in Moodle. Student will lose 10% (Marks) per day after the deadline. The paper does not have to be accepted after the 5th day.
Length: 1,000-1,500 words. Student will lose marks if they are more than 10% over or under the word count.
Research: Students must have at least 5 relevant and quality sources for the paper. You must have citations. Grades will be reduced for not having sufficient and quality sources. Your similarity score in Turnittin must be below 20%.
Library databases (there are videos that were shown in class and are in Moodle to assist you in using the library.
Students can submit drafts to the instructor for review. The last draft submission deadline is Wednesday 10 February at 12 noon. The review does not guarantee an A.

Aviation Incidents
1. 9/11
2. Oplan Bojinka
3. Underwear Bomber
4. UPS Cartridge Plot
5. 1999 Hijacking of Air India Flight (already in the reading list)
6. Liquid Bomb plot
7. Lufthansa Flight 181 (1977) GSG 9 rescue mission
8. Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305 (1971) DB Cooper criminal
9. Madrid–Barajas Airport bombing (2006)
10. Bandaranaike Airport attack (2001) LTTE
11. Beijing Capital International Airport bombing (2013) criminal
12. Heathrow Brink’s-Mat robbery (1983) criminal
13. Heathrow Billion Robbery (2004) criminal

14. 1977 Dutch Rail Hijacking
15. 1985 Bus bombings in New Delhi
16. 2004 Madrid Bombings
17. 2005 London Bombings
18. 2006 Mumbai Bombings

19. 1980s Tanker War
20. 1985 Achille Lauro
21. 2000 USS Cole
22. 2002 MV Limburg
23. 2004 Manila Bay SuperFerry Bombing
24. 2010 AQAP Plot – Blockade of the Bab-al-Mandab Strait
25. 2016 HSV-2 Swift attack
26. 2019 attacks on tankers on the Arabian Gulf and off Fujairah
Energy Infrastructure
27. 1982 US sabotage of Soviet Pipeline
28. 2008 Russian Cyber-attack on Georgia Natural Gas pipeline
29. 2019 Attack on Saudi Oil infrastructure
Transportation Incident Profile

The Incident:
Who: Who conducted the attack/incident? Where they part of an organized terrorist or criminal group or just an individual? How many were involved in the attack?
What: What did the attackers/criminals do? What was the plan? What were their tactics?
Where: Where did the event occur? Was it on land, sea or air? Did the event cross multiple borders? Why that location? What was the security like at the time? Here I want to know was security aware of the type of thereat, and what in general was being done to address the threat?
When: Date and time of the incident. Why was that time?

Why did the incident occur? What was the goal? What was or were the vulnerabilities of the target to this type of incident? Was the attack successful? Why or Why not. How did the industry and security respond?

For the industry and UAE. Did this affect the supply chain? Did this change how passengers and cargo were screened?