Cogitate Human Error

Watch two videos: 

Johan Bergstrom discusses two schools of thought on human error and  whether or not accidents are technical failures or caused by the human.  After reviewing the two videos and the readings/videos from this module  week, start a blog on human error.
Explain the meaning of human error and decide if humans are the cause of safety issues.
Consider an aviation accident involving human error that you are aware of from other classes, or research the Tenerife accident.
Describe the circumstances and analyze the various human error  perspectives (cognitive, ergonomic, behavioral, medical, psychosocial,  and behavioral) of that accident.
Based on the information provided, make recommendations on what could be done to avoid or manage such an accident in the future and what is needed to improve safety. The goal of this activity is to promote critical thinking and to reflect on the topic.
Start with an ‘eye-catching’ title, then create/write your blog post. Please cite references.”

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