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“The topic of the NCAA,  amateurism, and “”should college athletes be paid”” has been a hot topic of conversation for a very long time. Throughout history, there have been numerous events to shape where we are today.  To help show different sides of the story, I have resources listed below for you to watch and read:
1. Watch the film Schooled: The Price of College Sports (you can rent on Amazon for $3.99 or start a free 7-day trial- just remember to cancel it) (Links to an external site.)
2. Read the article (Links to an external site.) produced by the NCAA to show where the money goes.
3. Read the article (Links to an external site.) regarding the next event that will shape the future of college athletics. 
4. Watch the short video (Links to an external site.) regarding the new CA legislation that allows student-athletes to make money on their image and likeness.
After reviewing the materials above and conducting your own research on the topic, answer the following prompts in 750 words:
-In a concise fashion, using support from the materials above, do you think college athletes should be paid in some way shape or form?
-Explain how the NCAA may or may not be aligned with it stated mission and core values as an educational driven nonprofit organization. 
-How would changing the rules to allow colleges to pay athletes impact competitive balance?  Explain the ramifications for the NCAA and college sports as a whole if the new California law is upheld in the courts.

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