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COM 101—Informative Speech Assignment Help

Each student is responsible for presenting a 6-8 minute informative speech. The goal of this speech is to teach audience members something about a topic of your choosing in such a way that we gain a basic understanding of or appreciation for the topic or issue that you are discussing. Some topics that have been presented in the past include; the training necessary to become a veterinarian; an introduction to the Hawaiian island of Oahu; the history of makeup; the development of the character of Harry Potter; and Type 1 Diabetes.

In developing your speech you should adhere to the guidelines that have been established in earlier speeches. You must have a clear purpose statement and thesis, and you should have a strong introduction and conclusion. For this speech, you need to incorporate research from a minimum of five sources. You must cite the sources within the speech presentation, and you need to include these sources as a list at the end of your speech outline. You should follow APA style.

In coming up with a topic, think about your audience and how you might be able to keep the attention of a diverse group of people. Be creative in your approach and choose something that you find interesting. The topic is up to you, but it must be approved before you begin.
You will turn in an outline along with your speech. The outline should follow the complete sentence format that we have utilized this semester. It should follow the format that we discussed in class. Be sure your main points and sub-points are clear, and that they are written in full sentences. At the beginning of your outline, include your: general purpose statement, specific purpose statement, and thesis statement. You must also include transition statements between each new idea.

The informative speech is worth 145 points (5 points for submitting your speech topic on time; 100 points for the speech; and 40 points for the outline). You can find due dates for this assignment in Canvas.
Follow this example of teacher.
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: Inform audience on history, use, and evolution of cursive
Thesis: Cursive has a fascinating history and dates back several years, it is used as both a
functional and professional manuscript, and is becoming less commonly used amongst today’s
The History and Evolution of Cursive
By a show of hands, how many of you learned cursive in elementary school? How many
of you use cursive over print? According to Seattle Pacific University, only 12 percent of high
school students surveyed reported that they learned cursive in elementary school and 16 percent
said they used cursive over print. This means 88 percent of students are not being taught cursive
in school. Cursive is a dying art.

Today, I am going to educate my audience on the history of
cursive, why it is used, and what is happening to it today. I’ll first explain how and where cursive
was made, why people use it over regular print, and the future of cursive today. As a cursive user
myself, I wanted to better understand how cursive came about and where it is going.
Transition: First off, cursive has a unique history, and understanding it can help you appreciate
it more.
I. I. History of Cursive
A. Dates back to the times of the Romans in the 600s
1. Use it for making transactions such as sales or stock (

B. After fall of Roman Empire, cursive increased in the region due to found records
written in cursive
1. Font was less organized with capital/lowercase letters
C. English monk (late 8th century) simplified cursive using the roman characters
1. Style named Carolingian Miniscule and created to be functional with
a) Punctuation
b) Spacing
c) Lower and upper case letters
d) Legibility
2. Italic evolved as a more elegant form of cursive
a) Less condensed, more separated and curvy
b) Cursive handwriting associated with wealth by 1700s (determined
social status)
(1) Began being taught formally as a craft
3. Platt Rogers Spencer created a textbook method of cursive (Spencerian
Method) for being taught in schools
4. Late 1800s, Zaner-Bloser method created for basic cursive education in
a) Letters more up and down, less slanted
5. Late 1970s, D’Nealian Method created in efforts to make cursive writing
more smooth and simple
a) Most common method taught in schools- written at a slight slant

Transition: Who knew there was so much history behind cursive? As it dies away in today’s
society, it is important to understand why some people still learn and use it.
II. II. Purpose of Using Cursive
A. Connect with past/ understand past documents
1. Commonly used for older documents, such as the Dec. of Independence
2. Used for old records, thus you could understand, read, and connect with
them (
B. Professional Appearance and look
1. Used for signatures
2. Doctors and other professionals use cursive because it looks more elegant
and professional
C. Ease of Writing
1. Lift pen or pencil fewer times, thus it is quicker to write
2. Taking notes or jotting things down, great tool for getting all info down
quickly especially if you don’t love to write (
Transition: Even though cursive does serve important purposes, it is not a common art anymore.
The future of cursive is not looking too bright.
III. III. Future of Cursive
A. Increase Technology in Classrooms
1. Typing is much more common than ever before for students (

2. Typing lessons replace time where cursive could be taught
a) Mrs. Stone, 2nd-grade teacher explained she hasn’t taught cursive
to students in years, but the students take daily typing lessons
(Stone 1)
3. Ipads, Tablets, Chromebooks in classrooms replace need for another
writing style besides common print
B. Even in 1980’s, cursive lessons declined when typewriters came out
C. Only Serving 1 Main Purpose
1. Signatures
a) Students aren’t being taught cursive, but only attempt and use it for
b) Doctors and other professions use it sometimes still since it makes
it harder to forge, but still not required
c) Now acceptable to print signature rather than signing it in cursive,
thus even less necessary than ever before (
Although cursive was once frequently used, required, and the main form of writing, times
have greatly changed. Cursive began several years ago and has a unique history, it is used to look
professional and functional, and is a dying art. As you sign your signature, always remember the
amazing art of cursive and the fascinating history and purpose behind it.

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Using 5 sources and  avoid repetition and make it interesting and ask the audience questions.
Power point. Two each example.

COM 101— Informative Speech Assignment Example

World Trade Center Las Vegas. The History, Location, and Building of the World Trade Center Las Vegas.

General Purpose: Inform

Specific Purpose: Inform the audience on the history, location, and building of the World Trade Center Las Vegas

Thesis: World Trade Facility Las Vegas can be perceived as the backbone of Las Vegas since it bears historical, contemporary and future significance in terms of fostering the city’s economy and enhancing foreign relations.


Have you ever considered visiting the World Trade Center Las Vegas? The WTCLV is the 25th most popular city in the United States called Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. One cannot talk about Las Vegas without reflecting on the busiest building in the world, the World Trade Facility Las Vegas. The facility enjoys a coverage of 4.6 million square feet with approximately 150000 hotel rooms (Vegas,2022). To draw extra foreign tourists and business events to the city, the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Consumer Technology Association, the Consumer Effort Score organizers, struck an agreement in 2010 establishing the Las Vegas Convention Center as an accredited World Trade Center site. It is key to note that the city is the only place in North America with a designation of a World Trade Center on the campus of a convention center.

Transition: The history and building of World Trade Center Las Vegas is eventful and you would not want to miss details!

The location of WTC is at 495 Grand Central Parkway in Las Vegas Nevada on a 4.6 million square foot. It is unquestionably recognized as the world’s largest set of showrooms for the home and hotel furnishings industries. The Trade Center serves both international and domestic traders. The first concept design called for over 12 million square feet of display space spread across 8 buildings and 57 acres. The developers later stated in 2002 that the project was to be carried out in a plot next to Las Vegas in a 61 acreage of reconstruction plot, as eight buildings. The architects that designed the building were Jon Jerde and Edward Vance under Jerde Partnership and JMA Architecture studios respectively.

In the year 2005, the World Trade Center Las Vegas communicated the plans to raise the space to 12 million square feet complete with skywalks amid all buildings at all levels. The first building, A was officially opened in 2005 covering 1.3 million square feet with the first show happening between July 21st to 25th. The show was overbooked and this necessitated the use of tent structures at three pavilion spaces and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Building B’s 16-story construction started in 2005 on 1.6 million square feet and was opened in January 2007. Building C consumed 550 million dollars with 130,000 square feet on each floor. This was approximately 30 percent bigger than building A and B. During the opening in July 2008, a seven-story parking garage with 175000 square feet was also commissioned on each level. The construction of a 315000 square feet expo facility that would connect to building C began in August of 2019. This facility was planned to replace the pavilion tents across the street (The expo,2022). The expo building was completed and opened on April 2019.

To make the World Trade Center Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) partnered with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the association behind the CES, the head development occasion on the planet (Vegas,2022). The LVCVA deals with the Las Vegas Convention Center’s only assembly hall in the country to be assigned as a World Trade Centre site, as well as promoting and marking Southern Nevada as a movement and showing objectives all over the planet. It is additionally one of the greatest conference halls in the country. World Trade Center is the name under which the LVCVA and CTA mutually elevate Las Vegas to business around the world.

Transition: Location; why Las Vegas?

Location: 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, USA

The city of sin and desert, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a place for speculating. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a catchphrase that encourages visitors to imagine how they might take advantage of legalized gambling, opulent casino lifestyles, strip clubs, and the assurance of discretion that the city offers. It helps to perpetuate the myth of a city of big wins, alcohol, and good times (Roper,2020). Tourists can get a surreal glimpse into a world where magic might exist and enable the impossible by watching performers. Las Vegas, Nevada, is not only one of the most exciting and alluring cities in the world, but it also offers a variety of advantages for businesses.

  • The environment encourages the growth of businesses
  • There is a cap on tax and property tax increases, and there is no corporate share tax.
  • The site is in a development area.
  • The atmosphere and mindset in Las Vegas are 24/7
  • The whole Las Vegas Metro is located within Foreign Trade Zone for manufacturing and assembly.
  • The population centers, markets, transportation hubs, and ports on the West Coast are nearby.
  • Comparatively speaking to California’s neighbor, a lower cost of living is appealing.

Transition: Is the World Trade Center Las Vegas of any merit to Las Vegas city?

The World Trade Center’s Association encourages worldwide business connections and local economic growth for commercial real estate developers, economic development organizations, and foreign companies.

Mission: Are you curious of the guiding principles and objectives that govern the culture of World Trade Center Las Vegas? Its mission clearly defines the latter.

Advancing and safeguarding our WTC image for the aggregate advantage of our participation;

● Growing the compass and increment the nature of our worldwide WTCA organization;

● fortifying their worldwide connections with individuals;

● effectively searching out possible individuals and laying out WTCs in new developing business sectors;

● Giving individuals support in empowering them to associate with their partners inside the organization to cultivate worldwide exchange;

● Extending the scope and nature of the WTCA relations with individuals WTC marked assets coordinated exchange administrations;

● Ensuring our individuals keep up with and offer the greatest assistance to their business individuals;

● Having solid mainland and territorial design to address our individuals’ issues; and

● Relocating, utilizing, moving, and using the qualities of the organization.


Over the years, the World Trade Center has evolved into a more modernized system that supports the current technological advancements to make it easy for trading activities. These advances have eased business services and enabled language assistance. The incorporation of the internet at the World Trade Center Las Vegas has served a great deal to assist visitors in their business and travel needs as they can access this information from the websites. Finally, it is key to note that the World Trade Center Association approved the World Trade Center Las Vegas in 2014. Given this classification, the World Trade Center Las Vegas is obligated to participate in trading, offer trade and exposition services, and reciprocate in kind with other World Trade Center Association Network members.


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