Part 1: Research
Conduct  some independent research. Using Rasmussen and other resources, locate  articles, journals, blogs, and websites that identify communication strategies  to build and maintain professional boundaries within a helping relationship.
Part 2: Reflect
For this assignment,  you will create a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on communication  strategies and professional boundaries.
In a minimum of 7-slides (not counting the title slide and  reference slide) address the following:

Identify at least  four (4) specific communication strategies to be used within a helping  relationship.
Explain at least four  (4) ways professional boundaries should be set and maintained with clients. 
Include examples that  consider the client’s diversity, needs, cognitive abilities, and reality when  detailing communication strategies for professional boundaries. 
Incorporate two (2) credible resources to support your  communication strategies. Cite source used. 

Additional requirements:

Use bullet  points or phrases to capture the audience’s attention.
Explain slide  information in the Notes section of the PowerPoint slides.

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