community service project with PPP Foundation for Girls

“Your Community Service Project requires you to focus on accomplishments outside of the classroom as a leader, collaborator, learner, and advocate for families and the community.  You are asked to choose a 10-hour project that has significant and sustainable impact on student learning, growth, development, and/or building family relationships.  This project must be above and beyond activities that are part of your regular duties in your school.
As you plan your CSP, keep in mind that it should demonstrate leadership, creativity, and initiative, as well as a willingness to collaborate with colleagues.
The CSP requires a written description (3-5 pages), with an analysis of the significance, and documented impact on student learning, growth, development, community advocacy and/or family relationships. The final write-up must include ten or more artifacts to support the completion of the CSP in order to show breadth, depth and insight, and to link experience during the project with highly effective practice.  These artifacts might include photos, agenda, worksheets, invitations, emails, thank you notes, or evaluations. One of the artifacts must be a verification from the person who supervises your work on the CSP. 
You have three options:
1. Complete the CSP as outlined with 10 hours (either already logged or still able to log).
2. Choose webinars on the Teaching Tolerance website ( (Links to an external site.)) that total 10 hours. Write a reflection on each, but combine them into one paper. Be sure to state the name of the webinar and the total number of hours observed at the end with a statement that says: I, name, have watched a total of _ hours on the Teaching Tolerance website. Please keep the written expectations (3-5 total pages) the same from the original project.
3. Do a combination. If you have five hours logged for your CSP, you can watch another five hours of webinars and do the reflection.
If you have a few CSP hours logged but would rather scrap those and do option two, that is totally fine. Reflections should be written in standard APA format, 12 pt. font. I do not need to know which assignment you are choosing, but please let me know if you have any questions!
My topic..
I would like to complete my community service project with PPP Foundation for Girls. This program offers mentorship for underprivileged girls that have emotional and behavioral issues. As a mentor, I would primarily work with middle school students providing tutoring in the area of Spanish for underprivileged girls attending school in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. This programmatic service is a small discussion group where participants receive emotional and social support for life skills
In the umbrella program, Wynn Golden Nuggets Cheer & Dance Program, I would work with the high school population, primarily 9th grade girls. In this program, I would provide therapeutic services in the area of cheer and dance.

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