COMP90007 Internet Technologies, Project 2

1. Introduction
This project forms 15% of your final mark. The project is about creating a short survey on a contemporary topic in networking that we give as below. This is a cornerstone activity that we would like you to learn about for your continuing development. In our sector, this is an activity you would need to do by yourselves regularly to keep up to date with developments.
The main outcome of this project is a short report. Detailed report formatting instructions are found at the end of this project description (in Project Administration Section).
For this project, you need to write a brief survey on: Internet of Things. This is a hot area in computer communications that will be good to get an overview of as well as practicing writing a survey report.
Project Requirements:
As expected from any survey, students are expected to not only list top papers in an area but also categorize these developments/approaches and compare/critique them. This is at the core of the survey. A list of papers with comments only is called an “annotated bibliography” and is not a survey and is not the purpose of this project.
As this is a simple survey, we do not expect you to learn every paper in detail and be overly comprehensive about the topic but rather cover the key papers, classifications/parameters.
Following report section-headings and length of each section are highly recommended:
– Introduction to the Topic (1 page)
– Related Work (3 pages)
– Comparison of Key Approaches (benefits and disadvantages) (1 page)
– Conclusions and Future Directions (1 page) – References (1 page)
We expect that students should have looked at and cited at least 5 papers not including other surveys on this topic. Reading more papers are better but in general there are diminishing returns at a certain point… Given the topic, the number above is adequate!
General Guidelines:
You should initially start reading Wikipedia articles, news, and similar webpages to get high level idea for what Internet of Things is. Then you should use or similar scholarly publication search engines for performing a more detailed background search and do further reading. It is important to note that if you login to our library with your student credentials, you will be able to access papers that are returned by these engines for free of charge in most cases.
The topic we have chosen is something you would already be partially familiar with some of the algorithms you have already seen earlier in the semester. The project is expected to be completed in 3-4 weeks in total. The stages of your project can be summarized as: Background search/reading selected papers (should not take more than 10 days and can be done in 1 week), organization of your report/drafting key points of your sections (1 week), finishing your report (1 week). After this exercise, students are expected to have a good idea in the topic.

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