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choose a company that has been recognized recently as successful and is located in the Middle East. Then,, present well-written answers to the following questions:
1.What is the strategy of the organization?
2.What aspects of the strategy have been successful and/or unsuccessful?
3.How does the strategy compare with the four components that form the basis of the strategy framework shown in Figure 1.1 of Chapter 1?
4.How does the company’s strategy align with Saudi Vision 2030 strategies? Be specific.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (require supporting citations- at least three in text citations) in your initial response along with at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.
Saudi Telecom Company is one of the top ten recognized companies in the middle east. The company was established in the year nineteen ninety-eight. The company’s main operation is offering communication services. In this paper, I will discuss the company’s business strategy that has led to its recognition globally and provides solutions for the questions asked.
The organization adopted the DARE strategy. This strategy stands for the digitalizing of the company; accelerating the performance; reinventing the experience of users to the requirements of the globe and spread in an aggressive manner in scale and scope.
Some of the achievements which have been as a result of the D.A.R.E mode of operation is the success of the company in investing in careem. The company through this mode of operation reached an agreement with the Uber company so as to sell Careem to the latter company (Banda, 2016). The sale of the investment which began in the year twenty seventeen for a value of USD one hundred million, to the current valuation of the investment at the tune of USD 3.1 billion is a major milestone for the company (Shafi and Al-allak, 2011). The company realized immense profits from the sale of the investment. The company successfully expanded to other markets and thus widening the geographical outreach of its products to new areas that were green to the company. However, the company has still been having some unsuccessful attempts in its operations especially on the failure to eliminate the threat of competition from other competitors
For every successful method of operation, there is a formula for how the mode of operating is implemented. The four elements of the strategy are the effective accomplishment of the strategy through the following ways; one is by having clear, consistent goals that are designed for a long-term solution, and two by having the profound knowledge of the competitors and lastly through having an objective valuation of the assets available (Shoult, 2006). The DARE strategy compares to this framework in the aspect of the implementation and also in the knowledge that the company poses regarding the competitors in the industry (Banda, 2016). The company also has set the long-term objectives that it aims to achieve that are in line with Saudi Arabia’s kingdom vision.
Its DARE strategy aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 strategies in that just as the country wishes to reduce its dependency on revenues from oil products. Similar to this strategy, the company adopted a strategy of diversifying its sources of revenues from the traditional sources of revenues for telecommunication companies to other areas that include the setup of cloud markets that are aimed at competing with giants of information technology like Google and the Amazon (Shafi and Al-allak, 2011). The other strategy that aligns with Saudi vision 2030 is the setting up of the academies that focus on developing new platforms for the enablement of youth to acquire capabilities of IT (Banda, 2016). The company just like the country has created a kitty dumbed venture investment fund. This fund is meant for enabling youths who have ideal ideas but lack resources of implementing the idea. Through this venture, the company aims at finding other resources and having an additional income.
The DARE mode is the most effective strategy that has led to the exponential growth of the company to the new markets that it is venturing in today. This has made it the leading telecommunication company in the of Saudi Arabia’s kingdom The company’s team of planners has found the best way to out-muscle the other competitors with the same urge to topple the company from its current status.

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