computer science research question

References Page and Sentence Outline
Reference Page:
1. Submit your references (minimum of 7) in a Word document.
2. Note that most websites, blogs, and sites like Wikipedia are not considered valid scholarly peer reviewed references. We are looking for journal articles. In your paper, be sure to cite everything you get from another source (i.e. direct quotations, charts, pictures, or summaries of someone else’s ideas). Also, be sure to include all of the materials that you have consulted in writing your paper, even if you did not cite them in the body of your paper. The Bible and course textbook can count as additional references. In addition to the latter references, you need to meet the outlined minimum for scholarly references. When in doubt, go above and beyond as minimums will not necessarily equate to quality and high evaluation marks.
3. Use current APA format in the construction of your entire paper including margins, spacing, and your references page.
Sentence Outline:
1. In the same Word document, but on separate pages, include an outline of your research paper. Include as much detail as possible without writing complete paragraphs. (This will help you as you construct your final version.)
2. A cover sheet is required (current APA format). The outline format will be as follows:
1. item 1
1.1. sub-item
1.1.1. sub-item
2. item 2
3. etc.
Topic and References are in document attached!”
“You are only submitting a topic for Approval at this stage. YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING THE PAPER. A few details about your research paper:
1. You can work individually or in pair. The pair will get the same grade but the expectation is higher.
2. I rarely reject the topic you picked. I suggest you start working on your project immediately after you submit the topic
3. Your paper must be from 6 – 10 pages excluding the required pages like title page, menu and so on.
4. The paper must consists of 4 sections – Introduction. Literature Review, Details and Conclusion”
“The number of computer based forensic tools have been on the rise   over the last 10 years. It is extremely difficult to select the right   tool for the job. Cost is an additional factor as many of these tools   are expensive and can break a budget. Research four computer forensic   based tools. List each tool and the type of data that it searches for,   its features, and costs. Which would you recommend? If you could only   select one of these tools, which one would it be? Why? (50-70 words)
Compare and contrast the differences between the concepts of cyber   security, information assurance, and risk management. Where in the   security industry would each concept apply? What are the pros and cons   of each? If your school or organization were to adopt one concept,   which would it be?  Why? (50-70 words)”
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