Contemporary Social Issues Assignment Help

For this week’s assessment, you will create an audio or a video presentation that examines from various points of view a contemporary social issue you selected.

As the host of a television show (60 Minutes, VICE News) or radio program or podcast (Fresh Air, This American Life), you have been assigned to deliver an informative, 10-minute segment on the contemporary issue that you selected. As part of your segment, you will incorporate insights from two or more disciplines or professions, such as nursing and social work, or marketing, psychology, and biology. (These are only examples, and you should choose from professional insights that will best inform your argument.)

The intended audience for your segment is an intelligent but perhaps uninformed public, so this is your opportunity to engage them in an issue that matters to you.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate ethical reasoning by making sound decisions, taking appropriate actions with an awareness of the rights and well-being of others, and identifying the impact of personal and professional behavior.

Produce the segment as an audio podcast or radio show.

As with the video option, Kaltura is an excellent format for audio. However, you may also record audio over a PowerPoint presentation (with simply text and/or images on individual slides).

If you would like to use another technology to create your video, please ask your instructor.

You must also include one of the following:

A PowerPoint presentation with highlights from the segment.

A transcript of the segment in a Word file or other document.

The PowerPoint or transcript of the segment should include APA-style citations and references.

  • Create a detailed and engaging video or audio presentation on a contemporary social issue that completes the following:
  • Describe a contemporary social issue associated with multiple viewpoints.
  • Analyze the importance of the issue.
  • Present conflicting perspectives impartially.
  • Analyze the primary interest(s) of at least three stakeholders invested in a contemporary social issue.
  • Explain at least one key argument associated with each opposing viewpoint.
  • Present conflicting perspectives impartially.
  • Analyze research findings from different academic disciplines that provide insights relevant to the contemporary social issue.
  • Present conflicting evidence and perspectives impartially.

Analyze a contemporary social issue from multiple perspectives using one of the three traditional theories of normative ethics.

State and defend your own position with clear reasoning in your own words.

Support your position with a discussion of normative ethical concepts.

Communication: Create a video or an audio presentation that reports on a contemporary social issue from multiple perspectives. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for professional communities.

Media presentation: A video or audio recording—a minimum of 10 minutes in length— with a PowerPoint or a transcript to ensure accessibility to everyone. Upload the recording file as well as the PowerPoint or transcript.

Learn more about using Kaltura on the Tools and Resources page.

Learn more about using PowerPoint with the following resource: Assessment 4: PowerPoint 2019 Tutorial.


Format your paper according to APA style, with a title and reference page.


A minimum of four scholarly sources obtained from the Capella library are required for this assessment. See General Education Information Research Skills Library Guide for help with research.

Review Evidence and APA for information on how to cite sources.

Font and font size: Font should be an appropriate size and weight for presentation, generally 24–28 points for headings and no smaller than 18 points for bullet-point text. The font should be 12-point for segment transcripts.

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