contrast explicit and implicit code instruction

“Short answers, I uploaded chapters, but you can use any other accurate source as reference  
1.What are the key features of direct and explicit instruction? Why are these features so vital for the instruction of students with learning or reading disabilities? 
2. Compare and contrast explicit and implicit code instruction. Describe what type of learner might profit from each.. 
3. Describe how you would adapt the directed reading activity, the directed reading thinking activity, and literature-based reading and whole language to support students with reading problems. 
4. Identify the four comprehension and comprehension-monitoring strategies that are taught in reciprocal teaching and collaborative strategic reading and explain why they are used. 
5. What are several critical aspects to establishing a writing program for students with learning and behavior problems? 
6. What key findings should you consider when increasing the spelling performance of students with learning disabilities?  
9. What are three important teaching perspectives that should be considered in designing a math intervention program for students with learning and behavior disorders? 
10. What mathematical skills need to be taught so that students will have adequate knowledge of numeration and place value?

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