“Create a professional look logo animation using Blender.
The topic of the logo animation should be something about  Computer Science.

Your video must contain 10-20 seconds of animation (10 points);

Note: Credits, lead footage, and other components will not be counted toward the run time. 

A professional look that is appropriate for marketing purpose with a cohesive theme throughout (50 points);

Included content requires 3D objects with applied textures
Use of Color (projects submitted solely in Grey scales will receive 50%)

You must include your name’s initial (first and last) in the animation (10 points);
Create a Word file to include steps used in creating the logo animation (20 points).
Save the animation as a video. Upload the video to your TWU YouTube account. Include the link to the video in the Word file. (10 points)

Be sure that the YouTube Privacy settings are set to “”Unlisted”” or “”Public””

Submission instructions:
Include all files in Final Project as a ZIP file and then submit through the link under the Submissions tab. The files should include:

.blend file for the animation (missing .blend file will lose 60 points for this project);
The Word file.
YouTube URL 

If you work in a team, only 1 submission is needed. You must include both members’ name initials in the animation.
Note: By default, Blender does not save images as part of the .blend file (this applies to background images or textures used as part of the scene).
To make those images part of the file they have to be packed.

You can pack all external files into the .blend file by going to File -> External Data -> Pack all into .blend.

After doing this you have to re-save the file.”

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