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You have been appointed principal of an academically low-performing school in a culturally diverse, low socioeconomic-status community. Many of the school’s students come from single-parent homes, or from homes where parents work two jobs to make ends meet. About one-fifth of the students in the school do not speak English as their first language. How will you create a school culture that embraces diversity and engages students, families, and the community in a common goal of academic achievement for all students? Include a discussion of the legal, political, and institutional frameworks that could have an impact on the school’s culture.
Create a School Culture That Embraces Diversity
Non English speaking Class requires a careful management to ensure there is continuity of learning despite the challenge. Diversity is one of the aspects that make the learning environment enjoyable. However, poor cultural diversity management is a major problem that may bring a lack of continuity in schools. There is a need to know the importance of diversity to ensure that there is more than what a learning school environment would entail. The idea is all about the creation of the necessary ways of inclusion of all students to work with each other in a culturally diverse environment. One of the most important ways is to learn the suitability of each culture that is represented in the school. In that way, it is easy to control extremes that may bring confuse the learning process. There are different ways through which a school can create diversity in the learning environment. The concept is all about the generation of policies and standards that accept the level of diversity and hence improve the cultural divergence and acceptance in a concrete way. Embracing diversity in a class is a necessity of every successful school environment. There is a need to know the exact way to add value to the diverse cultures that are evident in the classroom. Creating cultural diversity in a non-English speaking class is one of the best practices that will help students from different backgrounds to realize their potential in a school setting.
Ways of Embracing Cultural diversity in Non-English Speaking Class
Diversity enhancement in a non- exclusive English speaking class is not easy. A school has to have a specific way of embracing cultural diversity that is meant possible in different ways. There are particular methods that have to apply for cultural inclusion to be successful (Bolyard, 2013). For the successful creation of a school culture that embraces diversity legal, institutional frameworks and political environments have to be optimized for better results.
Understanding the students from diverse cultures. The first way to have an all-inclusive environment is admitting the existence of diversity. There is a need to love the way diverse cultures are important to the completeness of learning. The most vital strategy to apply in the school culture to be all-inclusive is to understand the students. In as much as differences may occur the need to appreciate each is vital. It is all about the development of a better way to align systems in place that ensures every student feels in the right place (Buckworth, 2018). Comprehension of what each culture requires gives the particular individuals the ability to exploit their culture and hence successful interactions. Definition of better learning is when the instructor is able to understand every single step a student would take.
Introduce Open-Ended Projects In Class. The most important way to deal with diverse cultures is through the incorporation of all necessary inclusions that define the nature of projects to work with the students. There should be no rigidity of projects that are created for the classrooms. It is vital to know that students from diverse backgrounds should be given adequate time and resources to work on open-ended projects. In that way, the level of incorporating open-ended projects gives a wide array of choices to make to ensure there is no closed way of cultural dimensions. The issue that comes with closed-ended projects is that it is hard to realize cultural divergence in a school (Bolyard, 2013). However, the moment there is a totally diversified way to carry out projects it is easy to define the route to take in encouraging a culturally diversified learning environment.
Valuing Child Personal Efforts in the process of teaching. A teacher should be keen enough to identify children personal efforts in learning. It is not in order to have a teacher who will only identify the students who are culturally favored in the classrooms. The best way is to ensure all students are given attention to know they are valuable in the culturally diversified environment (Buckworth, 2018). The correct way to ensure diversity is through the incorporation of different ideologies that are communicated through the level of profiling in a more realistic way. Each effort that a student put in learning should be optimized by appreciation from the instructor. It is a way to offer a better standard of communication between the learner and the teacher.
Standardized Assessment and Screening of Students. The moment a standard is set to gauge all students equally it makes the learning environment fun and encouraging. The less fortunate in the class and the high standardized leveled student work under one umbrella. In that way, the learning process is meant to easy and encouraging to the entire class. Standardized evaluation plans are critical in ensuring the students get a fair way of management of their progress. It is also a plan that ensures there is a common ground to attend to every single problem from the standardized assessment results (Bolyard, 2013). The moment all students are assessed in a common ground it is possible to understand the best way to help the weaker ones and balance the cultural imbalance among them in a professional way.
Legal ways that have to be managed are all to provide a perfect environment for students to feel valued and involved in the school environment. The law has to apply in the school environment to ensure at any given point in time there is no bullying of marginalized students. The most effective way is to comprehend that students have to work within the parameters of legal provisions for the culturally inclusive environment (Buckworth, 2018). The best way is to ensure everything is set in a legal way to offer the requirements of the school and at the same time the law provisions.
Introduce the world into the class that will make sure the level of interaction of the students in politically unbiased. Political biases in a school created a gap between the cultural entities that make up the classes. Students have to be encouraged to present their political and cultural views in a class by choosing their country of origin as a reference point (Bolyard, 2013). In that way, it is possible to create the necessary plans that are made realistic and possible to attain. In the process, it will be easy to involve every student in a culturally diversified environment with success.
Creating cultural diversity in a non-English speaking class is one of the best practices that will help students from different backgrounds to realize their potential in a school setting. Understanding the approach to take politically, legally and institutional parameters help adjust the demands and needs of a school culture that is inclusive. The end goal is to ensure there is a success in the way students interact with each other, the community and the teachers at large. In that way, it will be easy to define the livelihood of the school with much emphasis on cultural diversity.
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