Creating an Action Plan for the Development and Implementation of Assessment

“Using the assigned readings, think about the steps needed to prepare for and develop an assessment plan before its actual implementation. Without thoughtfully considering and applying appropriate action steps, those who oversee assessment might risk creating an effort that is unsustainable. To ensure that your assessment plan leaves little to chance, propose a set of steps for the development and implementation of your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan, using and citing the assigned readings in Unit 6 (Chapters 10, 11, and 12). List those steps and briefly explain how they apply to your plan. Together with action steps that you design yourself to supplement the steps from the readings, you will propose a total of approximately 710 action steps.
Tip: An efficient way to create an action plan is to do an overview of the chapters, noting the headings and subheadings. Select the headings that apply to your assessment effort and use them to write your action steps. Next, think about additional steps that you know will be needed for your specific assessment effort; add action steps that you design yourself, if needed. You might want to use bullet points or a list format instead of fully developed paragraphs.
Use Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide to read the following chapters. They provide an abundance of suggestions and proven strategies that you can consider for your own Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan as you propose a step-by-step action plan to develop the plan before its implementation.
Chapter 10, “”Helping Everyone Learn What to Do,”” pages 127138.
Chapter 11, “”Supporting Assessment Efforts,”” pages 139148.
Chapter 12, “”Keeping Assessment Cost-Effective,”” pages 149164.
View The Assessment and Evaluation Cycle diagram.”

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