CSIS 375- Task Analysis Interview Assignment

CSIS 375- Task Analysis Interview Assignment

Based on the information you have learned about user interface design so far, interview a person about a task he/she performs on his/her job. The person can be a parent, spouse, friend, or colleague—anyone you choose. Your goal is to ask questions that would enable you to design a system to automate a task he/she performs. Ask this person a minimum of twenty questions that will help you perform a task analysis.

CSIS 375- Task Analysis Interview Assignment

NOTE: Only questions pertaining to the automation of the task should be included.

This analysis will become part of a requirements document (a document that will guide a developer in producing the system to automate). Such a document describes the requirements of the system, which includes an algorithm (i.e., how the task is to be performed), the number of expected users, the characteristics of the users (i.e., age, expertise, educational level, attitudes about automation, etc.), the hardware/software needed to accomplish the task, security concerns, location/setting of the system, connectivity, platform, etc.

Next, observe the user performing the task and identify any gaps or inconsistencies between what you observed and the description initially given to you in the interview. Were any differences noted? If so, what do you think accounts for them?


In a Word document, provide the following items:

Section 1: List the questions you asked your interviewee and include his/her answers.

Section 2: In a minimum of 150 words, describe what you observed when you witnessed your interviewee actually performing the task. Note any differences between the information you gathered in the interview and your direct observation. If differences were observed, indicate why you believe they occurred.

Section 3: In a minimum of 250 words, describe the task to be automated (task analysis).

Note: At this point, you do not have to describe how your system will automate the task. You are only gathering information about the task itself at this stage.

Section 4: In a minimum of 100 words, describe your user base (i.e., number of expected users, age, gender, experience/knowledge about performing the task, etc.).

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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